The Tien Shan Manuscript

It is with great pleasure that I bring you this first manuscript page of The Causative Power of Being As Such, or what is more colloquially known as The Tien Shan Manuscript. It acquired this latter name because it first came to the attention of the scholars by way of a Human Terrain Analyst, Afsoon Setara, working in the Tien Shan Mountains, who is credited here as a terton or discoverer of the text, though it is now generally agreed that the text was first delivered to Salvatore Albatini, lately Dean and Professor of Religious Studies at Nizhoni College and currently Senior Scholar with the Minerva Group, who in turn received it in the mail from a certain Estrella Bhairavi, who listed her return address as the Instituto de Ciencias Politicas y Sagradas in Goa Vehla, an institution for the existence of which we have no other evidence.

The truth is that we as yet know very little about this work. While the script in which it is written is well known, the underlying language itself is something of a puzzle. It is clearly an artificial philosophical language designed to show a sort of global comprehensiveness –again for reasons which become obvious once thge script is identified. But beyond that we can say very little.

It should be noted that this document is only a very small part of the vast library which was encrypted steganographically in the electronic version of the mandala which appeared on IC servers around the world shortly after the “original” Tien Shan Manuscript proper was “delivered” to Professor Albatini in Nizhoni. This library, in addition, includes a cluster of texts from across history and across civilizations which has come to known as “the anthology,” and which also links the event to Professor Albatini, as he is the only individual known to have assigned all of these texts in a single course, as well as extensive astrological and alchemical treatises –or rather long strings of astrological and alchemical symbols–which we are only beginning to translate.

We hope to make available to you further installments of the manuscript as we are able to compile and verify it across the many versions which have appeared since Professor Albatini received the first, along with other elements of what we are calling the larger Tien Shan Libary. We welcome your contributions to our investigation. All correspondence regarding the manuscript should be sent to me.

Madrasa Cohen, Curator, Tien Shan Library, Minerva Group.