There is more to truth than the facts …

Fragments of ancient manuscripts begin to appear on obscure websites. Some are easily deciphered: they are the core texts of humanity’s great spiritual and civilizational traditions. But others are written in esoteric scripts, some never before encountered, and defy decryption ….

Mysterious strangers contact you discreetly, asking you to perform various tasks. You are asked to collect basic intelligence regarding a range of technological, economic, political, or cultural developments, to interpret texts and artifacts or public or sacred spaces and events, and to seek out emerging, established or high value leaders and to get their stories and map out their interests, capacities, and networks. Some of the strangers ask probing questions themselves about who you are and where you stand. The more complex your responses the more complex the tasks suggested to you.

Soon you find yourself being asked to stake out a position on questions of which you were previously only vaguely aware, to undertake complex missions that cross the boundaries between the political, the scientific or scholarly, and the spiritual. You might be asked to join a or secret society or sacred order of which you have never heard before. Or you may simply be informed that you have always been a member and have now been promoted and entrusted with increasing degrees of responsibility. But even if you choose not to progress this far you begin to see the world differently. You recognize in mundane transactions traces of the sacred and the political and you act accordingly, participating in the world with a heightened intensity of perception and action.

What is happening? Is this some kind of game? Possibly. You think of Ingress, of Alfa-Arkiv, of The Black Watchmen —even of Cicada 3301. Or is it an organizing and operational modality for one or more secret societies? When you ask those who are trying to engage you if it is all “real” the answer is as obscure as the events that provoked the question. This is altereality they say: reality in the process of transformation, which is the only reality that there is. The truth is deeper and more profound than mere facts. Imagined worlds, when they affect the way in which we live, become real.

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